Elf on the Shelf Magic: Tips for Mums and Dads

Christmas is getting close! That fun, magic elf is coming back soon. But how can we make his return really fun? How can we make special memories?

Here are some cool ideas to make the elf’s visit super fun!

1. Fun Stories

In the the week before the elf comes back, talk with your child about the elf’s funny past stories; Do you remember when the elf hung from the lights? Or is it hidden in the cookie box?

Talking about these fun times will get your child excited about new stories.

2. Picture Hints

Put up pictures or a calendar that counts the days until the elf comes. When your child looks at these, they will think of the fun times coming. It’s like when we see a picture of a cake and want to eat it.

3. Guess the Elf’s Spot

Guess where the elf will show up first. Will it be by the tree? In their room? This guessing game makes everything more fun. It’s like trying to guess what’s inside a present.

4. Jingle Sounds

Play some jingle sounds or songs about elves a little before he comes back. When your child hears this, they’ll think, “The elf is coming soon!” It’s like when we hear the ice cream truck and want ice cream.

5. Special Elf Things

Maybe have a special elf pillow or blanket. Only bring it out when the elf is around. When your child touches it, they’ll think of the elf right away. It’s like how we feel warm with a cozy blanket.

So, mums and dads, with these tips, your child will be super excited for the elf’s return. It’s about making memories and feeling the Christmas magic. Get set for a fun Elf on the Shelf time!

Elf Arrival ideas

elf in a box

Elf in his arrival box