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Here’s the most important thing you need to know!

We are on a mission to reduce the waste generated in the production and sale of greeting cards, partyware and gifts.

Every single day, we help people around the world reduce their impact on the environment when they make a purchase from Zingaboo!

How It All Started!

Andrew and Samantha have been selling online since 1999. For almost 10 years they sold balloon gifts in boxes to customers around the UK. Then following their relocation to Northern Ireland from England they branched out into selling T-shirts and running an Aerial Photography business.
Although they sold locally at markets, their main market was online based and they found they had a much wider reach and a global customer base through selling via the internet.

One week before Mother’s Day in 2019, Samantha and Andrew were browsing through the cards in a well-known High Street retailer when a lady came along and was chatting to them and said she couldn’t believe that out of the 50+ cards on display she couldn’t find a single card with the wording she wanted on the front. Literally, 30 seconds later another woman came along and said exactly the same thing.

This intrigued Andrew and Samantha, out of all the cards on display two customers came in within 30 seconds of each other and couldn’t find a card with the wording they wanted on it. They had to make do with a card they were not really happy with – effectively they were forced into buying a card they didn’t really like.

After talking to friends and family, they realised this is a very common problem. In a card shop, people end up buying a card they don’t really like. Apparently, the most annoying thing of all is when people find a card design they like, but it has not got the right wording on the front or inside of the card for their needs.

Andrew & Samantha knew what had to be done, so in the summer of 2019 they started looking for premises near where they lived, but they were unable to find a property that was suitable. Then in 2020, the dreaded Covid struck and they had to put their plans on hold.

Roll on to 2022 and they found a property that suited their needs, and with the help of their wonderful landlord, an extensive refurbishment was carried out to the premises to make it ready for the great plans and business vision that Andrew and Samantha have.

The property they have found not only gives them the production facilities to fulfill their global online orders, but now also provides the opportunity to serve their local market and customers closer to home through their high street shop premises.