Why Wear a Birthday Sash?

There is no doubt that birthdays are a great time to celebrate with friends, family and a big party or night out especially big milestone birthdays like 18th birthday.

Of course, when you are out celebrating you want to let everyone know it’s your birthday – many venues offer complimentary drinks or upgrades to people celebrating a milestone birthday like say a 21st birthday.

Traditionally people would have worn a badge, badges are great but they are hard to see, the larger ones are heavy and sometimes you don’t want to put a badge pin through the material on your favourite outfit.

21st birthday sash

Whereas a sash can be worn over any outfit without the worry of damaging it, the wording can be read from a distance and is big enough to be easily seen and read in the photos that you will be posting to social media.

What Kind Of Sash Do You Get?

When it comes to sashes there are basically two types of sashes.

Paper Sashes
These are normally mass-produced and sold in party shops everywhere. They generally have generic wording on them “21st Birthday”, “Finally 21” or “It’s My 21st Birthday”.

The problem with paper sashes is they are easily ripped and also they cannot be personalised as they are mass-produced.

Ribbon Sashes
These are more robust than paper sashes and there are a couple of types of ribbon that are used.

The cheaper sashes are generally made from low-grade quality ribbons. Again the cheaper sashes are generally mass-produced with generic wording, but there are some companies that can print custom wording onto the sash in single colour ink or foil.

The more expensive ribbon sashes are normally made from luxurious double-faced satin ribbon which is very soft to the touch and has a lovely shimmer to it.

The wording is normally made from glitter or plain colour vinyl which allows custom wording to be put onto the sash.

How Much Should I Expect To Pay For A Sash?

The paper sashes tend to cost around £2-3 pounds and are available from many of the High Street “Cheap” shops.

The low-quality ribbon sashes are normally around £5 for generic wording or £7-8 for custom wording.

High-end quality luxury sashes generally retail for £10-£14 and can have custom wording printed on them using non-shed glitter or vinyl.