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We don’t give our customers a % discount on individual products or have sales!


Our Approach is DIFFERENT…

and here is why we don’t do it…

Discounts devalue our products

Our products are handmade by us, so they take time to make.

Discounting reduces our profits
As a small family business, if our profits are reduced then we don’t have additional money to invest and grow our business.

We’re transparent and honest
Many companies who offer discounts or sales initially inflate the price and then discount it back to what the retail price should actually be.

Also when it comes to sales, many companies buy in goods specifically for the sale or will sell off products they haven’t been able to sell.

We have deals based on purchasing a bundle.

Instead of buying one product, we put together a bundle of the same or complimentary products at a reduced rate when compared to if you were buying them individually.

For example, it might be something like 10 personalised name decal stickers which will will be offered at a lower rate compared to if they were purchased as a quantity of 10 separately at their individual price.

You’re probably thinking if they can offer this why can’t they offer a  discount on individual products on their website ? 
The answer is simple – deals are a more efficient use of our time and resources..

It is more cost effective for us to make lots of one type of product say in one week than make many different types of products during that week.

It is similar to large scale manufacturing; like a crisp manufacturer making a million bags of cheese and onion crisps in the first week of January, then in the second week they make ready salted and in the third week they make prawn cocktail. Then in the fourth week they might switch to making popcorn for a week.

Plus our time is saved in the in packing and shipping – as everything is identical in weight and size.

Where Are The Deals?

You can find our deals in two locations.

Public Deals

You can find these on the “deals page” where we try and hold two special deals a month

Each deal lasts a maximum of 7 days and then there is a week until the next deal starts.

That way we can have a week between deals to get the orders made and shipped out to customers before the next deal starts.

We normally try and have the deals on the following dates:
1st-7th and the 14th-21st of each month.

Lightning Invitation Only Deals

The reason they are called lightning deals is that they appear and disappear very quickly.
We run these randomly throughout the year, mainly when we find we have some spare capacity in our production schedule and many of them will just run for a short time – from a few hours one day to perhaps over a weekend. Plus we may limit the total quantity of bundles available for available to purchase.

The only way to be get access to the lightning deals is to register with us to receive an invite to a forthcoming deal.

We know some of you have work and family commitments that mean you can’t make purchases at certain times or days.

So to make it fair for everyone, we vary the start time of the deals, the days on which deals will start and end, so everybody has a fair chance of grabbing a deal.

If you do have a preferred time and/or day you prefer to receive such notifications, just select the option in the sign up form.

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