10 Elf on the Shelf Arrival Ideas

Fun Ways to Welcome the Magical Elf Back!

Ho Ho Ho – it’s time to bring back the naughty Elf on the Shelf for some fun. Coming up with novel ways to mark the Elf’s arrival can be hard.

So we have put together some Elf on the Shelf arrival ideas, which are super fun for your little ones to enjoy!

1. Elf’s Grand Arrival!

Imagine waking up to find Elf flying in on a mini hot air balloon! You can make one with a small basket and a balloon. It’ll look like Elf just floated in from the North Pole!

2. Elf’s Doorstep Arrival Surprise!

Elf Arrival ideas

This is one of our favourite Elf on the Shelf arrival ideas as it is like a special delivery has been made overnight.

One morning, have your kids discover a small box on your doorstep.

It’s the Elf in their own special packing crate, personalised with your child’s name and a note saying he missed them and can’t wait for more Christmas fun!

3. Breakfast with Elf Arrival!

Before the kids wake up, set up a mini breakfast table. Have the Elf sitting with a tiny plate of cookies and a note that says, “Let’s eat together!”

4. Elf’s Holiday Train Arrival!

Make a small train track around the living room. Place the Elf on a toy train, looking like he just rode into town!

5. Nighttime Magic!

While the kids are asleep, make tiny footprints (use flour or sugar) from a window or door leading to the Elf. It’ll seem like he just walked in!

6. A Jolly Elf Performance!

Set up a small stage in the living room. Place the Elf with a microphone, like he’s ready to sing a Christmas song just for the kids.

7. Storytime with Elf!

If your kids love stories then this is a great Elf Arrival. Place the Elf next to a new Christmas storybook. Add a note saying, “Let’s read this together!” It’s a treat and storytime all in one!

8. Elf’s Snowy Surprise!

Fill a tray with fake snow or white cotton. Place the Elf making a mini snow angel. It’ll look like he’s playing and waiting for the kids to join him!

9. Christmas Craft Time!

Set up a mini craft station. Put the Elf, some crayons, paper, and glitter. He’s ready to make Christmas cards with your little ones!

10. Elf’s Countdown Calendar!

Give the Elf a mini calendar. Each day, he marks off one day closer to Christmas! This Elf on the Shelf arrival idea is a fun way for you child to count down to Christmas at the same time as the elf.

Remember, the key to making each year’s Elf Arrival is to make it a special moment and memory. It’s not just about where he appears, but the joy and magic he brings with him. And no matter how you reintroduce him, he’s sure to make the run-up to Christmas super fun for your kids.

Christmas is a time of wonder, especially for our little ones. With the Elf on the Shelf’s return, you can make the season even more magical. Try these fun arrival ideas or create your own. Just remember to enjoy every moment and capture the smiles on your kids’ faces. Happy Holidays! 🎄