How To Leave Feedback For Your Purchase


Thank you for taking the time to leave feedback.

Your feedback from existing customers, like you, helps future customers choose the right product.

If you can, don’t forget to take a photograph or video and append it to your review.

Zingaboo products are sold in numerous locations, so look at the list below and click on the one you made your purchase from.

High Street Shop Website

7 days after your order has shipped you will receive an email inviting you to leave your feedback. If you have received your order, just click on the link in the email and complete your review. If you are outside of the UK you may not have received your order when you receive the email. All you need to do is wait until your order arrives and then click on the link in the email.

If you don’t leave your feedback after the first email, you will receive a maximum of two further email reminders. Website

The earliest you can leave a review is the day after the actual delivery date (tracked shipping only) or the estimated delivery date* of your order. You have a period of 100 calendar days from that date to leave your feedback.

* estimated delivery date = the purchase date + processing time + shipping days.
Processing time = the length of time it takes sellers to ship an item from the time the order is received
Delivery days = the number of days it takes the order to be delivered to a buyer. Etsy gives sellers 4 business days for UK domestic packages and 10 business days for international packages.

Please note that some international deliveries are taking longer due to Covid19 and also can take longer during busy periods



Amazon Marketplace

To leave feedback for an order placed on Amazon:

  • Do one of the following
  • Find your order, and then select the options that best reflect your experience.
  • Click Submit Feedback.

High Street Retailer

You can fill out the special feedback form available here and your feedback will be added to our website –