How To Make A Static Cling Rainbow Window Sticker

Hearts and Stars Rainbow Window Sticker Design

These are the simple instructions on how to make your very own rainbow static cling sticker. One that will be completely unique to you.

The big advantage of using the static cling clear film over just sticking the shapes to the glass, is you can easily remove your design from the window when you have finished displaying it.

If you stick the shapes directly to the glass, you will have to remove each shape individually. With the shapes placed on the film instead, you simply peel away the whole sheet.

You then have the opportunity to roll them up and store them for reusing again.

Many people decorate their windows, to add a bit of colour. Using the static cling sheet means you can quickly and easily swap your design if you want to change the look of your window.

You can create different designs of stickers depending upon what time of year it is (Valentine’s day, Easter, Halloween, Christmas), and you can even use it to make designs for birthdays, and other parties.

In this instance, we will show you how to create a rainbow design static cling sticker.

Materials Required

To make the static cling rainbow window sticker you will need to order one of Rainbow Sticker Packs,  making sure you have added on the static cling film option to your order, otherwise you will receive the pack of stickers on their own.

Your pack will include the following:

Static cling sheet (approx. 750mm high and cut to your required length)
7 sheets of stickers (size A4) – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet

Your order will have arrived in a cardboard tube and we suggest you keep the tube if you want to store the sticker you have made, as they can be reused.

1 – Measuring

The first thing you need to do is work out how big your design will be and how much static cling decal sheet will be required.

So, decide which where you will be putting the static cling sticker and then take the measurements of the area.

When ordering your static cling bear in mind that we sell the static cling in 500mm increment lengths which are approximately 750mm high.

Once you have your dimensions, you need to mark up the size on the static cling. You will see it has a white backing paper and you can mark out your sizes on the back of the white paper (clear sheet will be facing downwards).

Trim your sheet to the size and then you’re ready for the next stage.

2 – Setting Out The Rainbow

In your pack you will have 7 A4 sheets of stickers (each sheet has a colour of the rainbow on it). You will also have the sheet of static cling.

To start your rainbow design you need to work out where the middle of the rainbow will be.

So measure across the width of your static cling and find the middle (length / 2) and mark that point on the bottom of the static cling (make a very tiny dot on the bottom edge of the clear sheet).

This will help you to place the first “rainbow arch” and then you can work outwards from the centre.

You need to take your time on this part as this will determine the shape of the rainbow.

Luckily, there is no set formula to work out the proportions of a rainbow, the radius of a real rainbow is influenced by a number of different things – so have fun and make your own unique rainbow!

As a guide, if you work on the basis that the height of the rainbow is approximately half the width of the rainbow. This will produce a “standard” semi-circular rainbow.

Of course if you do not have enough height you can always “flatten” the height a little bit.

Using the centre mark you made earlier you will need to decide where you are going to position the first inner “violet” layer of the rainbow. This is the pinker of the 2 purple tones you have in your pack.

I found it helpful to go outwards along the bottom row with one or 2 of each sticker to remind me of the correct colour order and to make sure all the colours fitted in.

Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain – a useful reminder for you! (Red,Orange,Yellow,Green,Blue,Indigo,Violet)

Working in reverse from the centre out it should be – Violet (pinkish sheet), Indigo (purple sheet), Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red as the outer layer.

I then went upwards from the centre with all the colours and got a rough idea where the top (Red) row would be.

Once you have done this you can then start to build up the layers, as in my example image.

3 – What To Do If You Think A Sticker Is In The Wrong Place

As you start to make up the rainbow design, you may think that a shape is the wrong size or in the wrong place.

If that happens you just need to gently lift the edge of the shape and gently pull it back as shown in the image. You may have work at it on a couple of angles, but they do come off. You can smooth out any bubbles on the static cling sheet easily.

You can then take the shape and reposition it, or put it back onto the sticker sheet to use later.

4 – Once Your Rainbow Design Is Finished

When you have completed your rainbow design and are happy with it, you can now remove it from its backing paper.

Remember, before you start to remove the backing paper, to prepare the glass you are sticking it onto.  All you need to do is clean over the area of glass the sticker will be going onto and make sure it is free from dust particles or smears.

To remove the backing paper, take a corner and carefully peel back a small section of the static cling.

Then once you have started to separate the two, you need to remove the whole sheet. So hold the static cling on one hand and then press down on the backing paper as you gently pull the two apart in one continuous motion. Larger sheets may require an extra pair of hands.

Don’t throw away the backing paper if you want to reuse the sticker later – simply roll up and pop back into the postage tube.

5 – Placing The Static Cling On The Window

Now take the static cling and place it on the inside of the window.

We suggest that you put the side on which you have stuck the shapes onto, to the glass side.

Get a soft cloth and gently smooth out any air bubbles. Start from the middle of the design, pushing the air bubbles out to the edge.

If you find an air bubble is being stubborn you can peel the static cling back down to where the air bubble is, then slowly rub the cloth over the decal as you press it against the glass, removing the air bubbles as you go go.

6 – Maintenance And Storage

The beauty of static cling stickers is that if they are maintained they can be peeled off and reused time and time again.

To keep your display looking good as new, you can gently peel the static cling sticker off the glass, give the glass/window a wipe over, and then reapply the sticker to the glass again.

Once you have finished displaying the sticker in the window, you can remove it, and put it back on the backing paper which you kept.

Line up the top edge of the sticker with the backing paper and gently lower it down as shown in the photo (stickers facing upwards). Remove any air bubbles using a soft cloth and then carefully roll it up and put it in the tube it came in. Ready to use again!