How To Apply Vinyl Decal Videos

If you have never applied decals before, it is a relatively straightforward thing to do, especially if you take your time.

Previous Zingaboo customers have said how helpful they found the step by step tutorials videos on applying decals to a wide range of items and materials. From glasses, drinks bottles through to wood, mirrors, card, gift boxes as well as glass and wall surfaces.

As we can’t personally be with you to show you what to do, we have made the videos as if you were looking over our shoulder and watching the application process step by step.

Decal Stickers

With decal stickers, there are two steps to using them.

Step 1

Removing The Decal Sticker From The Backing Paper

The video below shows you the techniques used in this process.

Step 2

Applying The Decal Sticker

Zingaboo decal stickers can be applied to a wide range of surfaces, the common ones are shown below.

Glass or drinkwarewatch the video now

A clothes hangerwatch the video now

A cardboard box, card or paperwatch Now

To a window – watch now

Cracker Gift Boxes

How to “pop up” and “twist, fill, twist” your cracker – watch Now

How To Tutorials

Static Cling Rainbow Window Sticker – Read Now