Custom Name Vinyl Decal Stickers

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Product Details
Brand: Zingaboo
Processing Time (Working Days): 1-3 working days
Sector: Retail
Product: Vinyl stickers

Quality, long lasting Vinyl Decal name stickers for personalising your own items.

They’ll stick to most smooth surfaces like glass, metal, ceramic, plastic, card, paper (but not fabric).

Easy to apply, just rub over the decal stickers you receive, peel off the clear top layer (the word/design will be stuck to the clear layer) and apply it to the items you are personalising. Rub over the design and lift off the clear layer.

Still not sure, watch our video showing how easy they are to apply: How To Apply Decal Stickers

You might be wondering if they are waterproof – YES they are – but NOT dishwasher proof. So, if you stick your decal stickers on to things like mugs, glasses, plates then all you need to do is hand wash them.

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