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Name Only - Style 1

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Brand: Zingaboo
Processing Time (Working Days): 1-3
Sector: Wholesale

Product: Name - Style 1

How To Order.

1 - Select the colour of sticker

2 - Choose the size

3 - Enter the name(s) in the "Word(s) To Go On Each Sticker" text area for the stickers you require in the selected colour

4 - In the quantity box select the TOTAL number of stickers you require for the selected colour


You need 6 stickers, 3 in rose gold, 1 in red and 2 in black.

Step 1 - Select colour as rose gold

Step 2 - Enter the 3 names for Rose Gold - Julie, Jane, Helen

Step 3 - Select 3 as the quantity

Then do the above 3 steps for the red name, ensuring quantity is set to 1 and then do the same for the black and set the quantity to 2.

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