Table numbers for weddings, party decor and events, vinyl sticker decals

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Table Number decals for your wedding or party seating plan

These decals can go on any solid surface – glass, wood, card, metal, plastic etc.
Ideas include flower pots, small picture frames, glass votives, small chalkboards, old books, little metal buckets….

Available to purchase in different sets and sizes, with colours to suit your wedding colour palette.

The size options are based to fit into these standard photo frame sizes, with NO mount used:

Frame Size: 6 in x 4 in
(10.16cm x 15.24 cm). Small photo frame, for example. This will fit also fit a standard wine bottle.
Actual Decal measures approx 3.5in wide x 3in high (9cm wide x 7.6cm high)

Size: 7 in x 5 in
(12.70cm x 17.78 cm). This frame size is slightly smaller than international A5 paper size and is use on the large karafe style bottle in the images.
Actual Decal measures approx 3.5in wide x 3in high (11.5cm wide x 9.5cm high)
Not the right size?
Please contact us priot tpo purchase to discuss sizing options.
I’ll be happy to customize your decal size to suit your needs.
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