Will You Be My Bridsemaid (or any role) Sticker

Stickers For Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes / Bags
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Product: Vinyl Stickers

These vinyl stickers are perfect for applying to boxes or bags to give to your friends to ask them to be part of your bridal party, you can personalise them with names and / or roles to make them truly personal.

So easy to apply – full step-by-step instructions are included with your order on how to apply the vinyl decal.

You can choose from 2 sizes of stickers and have the option of name only, role only or both. If you choose role and name, they will come as two individual stickers.

General Information

• A high quality grade vinyl sticker for you to apply to your OWN gift boxes or gift bags.
• Precision cut on a commercial industrial machine to ensure a clean crisp outline
• Clear release paper is provided, so you can see exactly where you are placing it on the box
• Colour range:

Rose Gold (Metallic), Copper Metallic, Gold, Silver, Black, White, Royal Blue, Light Blue, Navy, Purple, Pink, Green, Burgundy, Red, Yellow, Orange – please ask if you can’t see your wedding colour.

Role Stickers

Each one has two lines of text – LIne 1 will say “Will you be my” and Line 2 will be the role you require (questions marks after the role are included as standard).


Size 1: 17 cm wide (6.7 in) x 6cm (2.5 in) tall – for standard A4 landscape size
Size 2: 28 cm wide (11 in) x 11.5 cm (4.1 in) tall – for larger boxes

Each sticker is provided separately.

Name Stickers

Please read the following to understand how the widths and heights of each name sticker is calculated during the design stage.

You want the names Charlotte, Angelica, Andrea, Julia, Joy in a size 12 sticker.

Charlotte is the longest name so will be set to the width of a size 1 sticker (approx. 17cm) and then the remaining names will be scaled accordingly so they are approx. the same height as Charlotte. In this case “Joy” will have the shortest length.


Size 1: 17 cm wide (6.7 in) x 6cm (2.5 in) tall – for standard A4 landscape size
Size 2: 28 cm wide (11 in) x 11.5 cm (4.1 in) tall – for larger boxes

How To Order

In the menu follow these simple 5 steps:

1 – Select the width of sticker you require

2 – Select if you require roles only, names only or names and roles

3 – Choose your sticker colour

4 – Enter the roles &/or names you require in the personalisation box

In the personalisation box just list what you require in the following format.

Say you want 5 roles; 3 bridesmaids, a maid of honour and a flower girl

Just type:
Bridesmaid x 3
Maid of Hoour x 1
Flower Girl x 1

Then if you need names as well, just type the names you require, making sure you separate each name with a comma, like this:

name 1, name,2 name 3, name4, name 5

5 – Select the TOTAL quantity of stickers you require in the Quantity box.

Remember name and role counts as ONE sticker set
So if you select “role & name” in step 2 above and require 5 of them, the quantity would be 5.

If you select “name only” or “role only” and want 4 stickers, then enter 4 in the quantity box

Then click on “Add To Bag”

At this point if you require more stickers at a different size, then repeat the above steps.

Alternatively, you can continue shopping or proceed to the checkout.

Step 2 – Checkout Stage

1 – Shopping Cart Summary
Choose guest checkout or login /create an account
Enter coupon code

2 – Delivery Details
Enter delivery address

3 – Shipping Method
Select shipping method

4 – Payment Information
Select payment option and enter payment details
Option to add order comments here in the “Order comments” box.

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