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The Making Process

Let’s Talk About How We Design And Make Our Products

Creating high-quality products which are easy to use and give a strong visual appearance when used is the core focus of our manufacturing ethos.

We only use professional machines and quality materials to make our products, something our 20+ years of experience have taught us. Our workflow minimizes unnecessary handling of products which results in faster and more efficient manufacturing and turnaround times.

Now let’s look at the process.


The process of creating our products starts at this stage.

Sometimes we will make sketches on paper or sketch them digitally. When the sketches are complete, the design is transferred to software that creates a digital cutting file of the design.


This is where we turn the digital cutting file into the physical product.

If it is a new product we are making we will make several prototypes to ensure that the product is exactly how we want it to be.


When we’re happy with the prototype, it moves into the production stage.

As most products we make are customised by people, the products are only made after somebody has purchased the item.

Some non-personalised items are made in small batches so they can be sent out as soon as an order is placed.


When an order has been made it is then packaged and ready for shipping.

We even make some of our own cardboard packaging which uses cardboard that originates from a sustainable forest.