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Vinyl Stickers For Glasses – Inspiration

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On this page you can browse through customer photographs of various vinyl stickers for glasses they have used.

Our custom vinyl stickers allow you to personalise and customise a wide range of drinkware made from glass, metal or plastic providing they have a smooth surface.

Once the sticlkers are applied the glasses can be washed by hand, but cannot be washed in the dishwasher as the heat/steam will cause the decal sticker to lose its stickiness and eventually it will peel away.

When buying your decal stickers ensure that the length of the sticker is right for the item you will be applying it to.

You may think that vinyl stickers for glasses are not that environmentally friendly as they are made from plastic. However when you look at the life of a glass it is very eco friendly.

The traditional engraved / etched methods of decoarting glasses means the design cannot be changed. So when you get bored with a traditionally decorated glass you either put it at the back of a cupboard or throw it away.

When you buy one of our vinyl stickers and decoarte a glass, it means that in the future the design on the glass can easily be changed so allowing the glass to be reused. Simnply remove the vinyl sticker, clean the surface of the glass and apply a new sticker.

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White glasses

The metallic rose gold name decal stickers contrast nicely on these white glasses.

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Custom potion bottles

This was a custom design for a Harry Potter themed wedding.

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