Now You’ve Received Your Order, What Next?

If you’re like many of our customers, now you have received your order there are a few things you may want to do or find out.

The first thing most people do is subscribe to the Zingaboo “Membership Area” which is free and hosts a wide range of additional resources that are exclusive to our customers, like our “How To Videos”.

To sign up just click on the red button below and enter your name and email address in the form that is shown.

Here Are Some Other Things You Can Do

Instructions On How To Use The Item You Have Received

We have created a range of “How To Videos” for you to watch.

So we have created a membership area with the videos in (and lots more stuff as well). We used to have them on our website, but we discovered some of our competitors were linking to them🙁 so we decided to “lock” them up and only give access to our customers.

To subscribe to the members area just click here or on the “Subscribe Now” button above.

Get a discount on your next order through the website.

When you sign up to the membership section for you will be sent a discount code for your first order on the website

How To Leave A Review

When you made your purchase from us, you probably looked at the reviews before you made that purchase.

So we want our future customers to read all about how you found your experience of using us.

The list below explains how to leave a review – on the very rare occasion you have a problem with your order, then please contact us prior to leaving your review. (If you ordered through a marketplace, please use their contact system to send us a message. If you ordered through our website then please contact us here.

On A Marketplace (Etsy, eBay or Amazon)

You will receive an email from the marketplace you placed your order on. To leave your review just follow the instructions within that email.

You will receive an email asking you to give feedback about your order. Just follow the instructions in that email.

Google Review

It would also really help us out if in addition to the above review, if you could leave a review on Google. Only the reviews on Google are really helpful to people who find us when searching Google.

. To leave a review on Google visit here