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Protecting Our Planet and Environment

We’ve always been conscious of the environment.

Our first home together was a “fixer-upper” and where possible we used reclaimed materials and fittings.

Our keen interest in recycling and protecting the planet has continued through into our business. Here are some of the things we’ve introduced.


When we first started Zingaboo, most of the decal stickers were sent to customers in clear cellophane envelopes.

Cat wearing a super hero cloak - caption says "I Must Go My Planet Needs Me

In 2020 we invested in equipment that allows us to make our own packaging from sustainable card. This allows us to make bespoke printed packaging for our products. The offcuts of card go to recycling or are some we compost for our garden at home.)

By making our own card packaging it means we can reduce the carbon footprint of the delivery from our suppliers. We order our card stock in bulk from a local paper merchant (30 miles away). This avoids multiple deliveries from several suppliers.

In 2022 Zinagboo started using poly mailing bags that can be recycled, by Autumn 2023 all poly mailing bags will be recyclable.

Materials Used In The Making Of Our Products

Celebration Sashes – these are made from double-faced satin ribbon and made in the UK using recycled plastic bottles.

Card products – these are all made from card which is sourced from certified forests and can be recycled or composted.

The Vinyl We Use For Our Decal Stickers

Due to the nature of the vinyl used to make the decal stickers, the surplus material from making them can’t be recycled.

We keep the amount of surplus material to a minimum by grouping orders for cutting. Any surplus material is sold to people who use it in their craft projects or artwork or donated to local schools for use in art/craft classes.

The cardboard tubes from the vinyl are either used for sending out larger decals or sent back to our vinyl supplier for reuse.